I'm looking to buy a Russian bear-skin hat this autumn/winter. I would be happy with fake fur or sheepskin, but I seem to have no luck in finding the said item.

Richard Dekkard, West London

5 Why don't you try Laurence Corner, the army surplus store (62/64 Hampstead Road, London NW1, tel: 0171 813 1010). Although they get them in only sporadically, it is worth giving them a ring to see what they have in stock. As a guide, fake fur ones cost about pounds 20 and rabbit fur costs pounds 35. You'd be hard pushed to find better value for money. You didn't specify a price limit, but Herbert Johnson have done some utterly gorgeous ones, prices are around pounds 150 and they are mostly in brown. The shop is at 30 New Bond Street, London W1 and they do mail order and a catalogue. Call 0171 408 1174.

I practically live in jeans and would like to buy a really special pair, preferably in blue as this seems to suit me best. I'm 5ft 4in, size 10, with slightly short legs. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Jo Lines, Maidenhead

5 The newest innovation in jeans is the use of Tencel which is the only new fibre to be invented in the last 30 years. Tencel is a revolutionary fibre which enables the jeans to look authentic but makes them extraordinarily soft. Cerruti 1881 has 100 per cent Tencel jeans (and other denim garments) in their current collection, from pounds 95 from Cerruti, 106 New Bond Street, London W1, (call 0171 491 1881 for a stockist near you). Next will have jeans in selected stores from the end of this month made from 65 per cent Tencel/35 per cent cotton which cost pounds 34.99. Or you may wish to buy a pair of jeans from Versace Jeans Couture, surely the king of jeans. Prices start at pounds 70 and there are velvet jeans, stretch ones, and hipsters in the range, available near you from Vikki Max, 14/16 Queen Street, Maidenhead, tel: 01628 781378.

I have a long, white satin skirt that I love wearing but it is a bit see-through, I hate wearing G-strings and none of the skin-tone knickers I have tried seem "thin" enough (you can still see the line of the knickers). Surely someone somewhere has done a gossamer thin pair of briefs?

Franca Malson, Beford

5 If you really feel that the ranges of skin-tone knickers that are currently on the market are not suitable (have you tried Marks & Spencer's Tactel range?) then try this. Take two pairs of fine denier tights, chop them off at mid-thigh and wear them instead of underwear. This is not recommended for everyday wear (nylon next to your most holy of holies is not the healthiest thing) but it is an excellent solution to your problem and one used by stylists caught out on fashion shoots. Very unattractive to look at, so avoid high gales.

My husband insists on wearing his polo shirts done right up to the neck. I think it looks wrong and keep undoing the top button. Short of cutting all the top buttons off and pretending they came off in the wash, what can I do?

Helen Belgo, Jersey

5 There is no right or wrong way of wearing a polo shirt, but I agree doing it right up to the top looks a bit "uptight". I think cutting the buttons off is a bit devious - how would you like it if he did a similar thing to your clothes? Flattery is the best solution here, saying things like: "God I love the way Gary Oldman/Kevin Costner/Keanu Reeves wears his shirt with one button undone like that showing just a bit of chest, it's sooo sexy.". But be subtle, men aren't that stupid. (I find this works very well with housework, as in: "I love seeing men dusting/hovering/washing up, it's such a turn-on.")

I enjoy wearing fully-fashioned seamed stockings with suspenders for their feel and glamorous looks. However, it is difficult to keep the seams straight over a long period, and crooked seams ruin the glamourous effect. Do you have any useful advice? A suspender belt with six straps might help but does anyone manufacture such a thing?

G.Roper (Mrs), Peterborough, Cambs

5 June Kenton of Rigby & Peller helped me out here. She says you are most probably wearing a suspender belt that is too thin. You'd be better off with a deeper suspender belt that has a good bit of material to it and really anchors around your waist and hips - this would help keep the stockings stable. If you are ever down in London, Rigby & Peller in Knightsbridge (0171 589 9293), have a wide range of suspender belts and if need be they can attach another two straps to a regular belt for an extra pounds 10; their suspender belts retail at about pounds 30-pounds 40. When you go to visit them, be sure to take your stockings with you.