Dinosaurs of divination

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alectryomancy - cocks pecking at grains

aleuromancy - meal or flour

alphitomancy - barley-meal mixed with wheat

anthracomancy - burning coals

armomancy - shoulders of beasts

astragalomancy - dice or huckle-bones

austromancy - wind

axinomancy - an axe-head

belomancy - arrows

bibliomancy - verses of the Bible

botanomancy - plants

capnomancy - smoke

catoptromancy - a mirror

cephalomancy - a head

ceromancy - molten wax dropped in water

chaomancy - the atmosphere

cleidomancy - a key tied to the bible

cleromancy - by chance, using dice or stones

coscinomancy - turning a sieve held by shears

crithomancy - barley-corn

dactyliomancy - rings worn on fingers

daphnomancy - laurel tree

gyromancy - walking in circles until dizzy

halomancy - salt

ichthyomancy - heads or entrails of fish

lecanomancy - water in a basin

machaeromancy - knives or swords

molybdomancy - molten lead

myomancy - movements of mice

pyromancy - fire

rhapsodomancy - lines of poetry

scapulimancy - burnt shoulder-blades

scatomancy - faeces

sciomancy - communication with the dead

scyphomancy - a cup

sideromancy - burning straws on red-hot iron

spodomancy - ashes

sycomancy - figs or fig-leaves

theriomancy - movements of animals

tyromancy - coagulation of cheese

urinomancy - urine

zoomancy - actions of animals