When packing for a stay away from home, one is frequently faced with the problem of whether to include bedroom slippers. One never does, of course, but always regrets it. I have found a remarkably simple solution to this dilemma: I pack a tube of glue instead. Then, on arrival at my destination, I can make my own pair of slippers, which are guaranteed to be fit to throw away when it is time to return. All you need is pencil, scissors, a piece of paper, a cardboard box (available at any good refuse bin) and, of course, the glue.

Start by standing on a piece of paper and drawing round your foot (separately round each foot for the highest quality slippers) to make a template. Use the template to cut shapes (at least three per foot) out of the cardboard. Glue two together for the sole of the slipper.

In a similar fashion, make the strap of the slipper, starting by wrapping a piece of paper about three inches wide over and around the ball of your foot. Place your foot on the slipper-sole to mark where the strap should be glued, then glue it. Cut and glue additional shapes to fill in the spaces made by the glued strap. Complete with a final sole-shaped piece glued to hold everything in place. It's surprisingly comfortable and will last a short holiday.