It's hardly the weather for a picnic, but this simply-folded envelope, originally designed to take salt and pepper into the woods, makes an equally good container for seeds, small gemstones or anything else delicate and spillable.

1. First fold down the top edge of a sheet of paper (half a sheet of A4 is a good size to try for a small, neat envelope at the end).

3. Fold the top corners down so that what were the right and left edges now line up with the bottom.

5. You will now notice that it is too late to put anything into your envelope. So undo one of the ends, insert your precious gems/salt/ pepper/seeds and close the package again.

Save until the weather improves.

Bawn O'Beirne-Ranelagh

2. Fold bottom edge of paper up to the top, tucking it in beneath the earlier fold. Then turn the paper over.

4. Fold bottom corners up to meet the top ones and tuck in under the flaps.