Don't say you haven't...

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read... Beyond Bedlam edited by M. Sweeney (Anvil, pounds 7.95). Celebrate National Poetry Day by musing over this collection of prose written by inmates of the world's oldest mental hospital.

seen... The Roald Dahl Treasury. The National Theatre's acting company reads favourite Dahl stories. His main illustrator will draw them as they're being told. Oliver Theatre, South Bank SE1. Booking: 0171-928 2252.

Tickets pounds 3.50.

been... to the MC Escher exhibit at the Croydon Clock Tower. Tangle your brain trying to muddle through his visual mazes that recently have been on everything from T-shirts to mugs. Information: 0181-253 1030.

heard... Homer Simpson. Are you a fan of that loveable donut grazing dad from the absolutely brilliant, scarily true cartoon The Simpsons? Then tune in to Simon Mayo on Radio 1 from 9am-noon. Doh!