The end of the queue

On the subject of Demon Internet and the constantly engaged helpline number, Brian Read (e-mail, 6 January) suggests some sort of automatic telephone-response system that would give troubled callers at least a little reassurance (eg you're number three in a queue) instead of an engaged signal.

I am a satisfied Demon user and am very much against this idea. If its phones are answered, problems are resolved quickly by efficient staff. I have no wish to be "auto-responded" and queued (and probably be infuriated by taped music). Calls to London are EXPENSIVE!

Demon has provided me with much free help by e-mail - it's only if nothing else works that a telephone call is necessary.

Tony Millington

Dump Demon

Brian Read's suggestion that Demon should install an automated telephone- response system that lets callers know they are in a queue is no answer to helplines that are constantly engaged. All it does is add to the phone bill while doing nothing to reduce your blood pressure. He should dump Demon and find another ISP that delivers a proper helpline service. I dumped Pipex Dial after a trial period in which it failed to respond to my pleas for help, and switched to Netcomplete, which has the best and most helpful helpline I have ever encountered. Calls are always answered promptly and it is open round the clock.

Ian Richardson

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