Constituencies expected to be among the first to announce, together with the previous member or defending candidate. Labour will be looking for its first gains of the night in Edgbaston, Crosby, Norwich North or Putney while the Lib Dems will be waiting for Torbay and Southport


Sunderland N

Bill Etherington (Lab) Ultra-safe Labour, but should give some indication of the national swing

Sunderland S

Chris Mullin (Lab) The seat that caught out the BBC by being first to declare in 1992



John Marek (Lab) Could be first "middle England" seat to declare, although it's in Wales


Birmingham Edgbaston

Dame Jill Knight (Con) retiring; Gisela Stuart needs 5 per cent swing to win for Labour

Birmingham Ladywood

Clare Short safe Labour

East Kilbride

Adam Ingram safe Labour

Glasgow Kelvin

George Galloway safe Labour


Alice Mahon (Lab)

Hamilton S

George Robertson (Lab)


Rupert Allason (Con); Lib Dems need 5 per cent swing to win

12 midnight


If it's a landslide, Labour's Clare Curtis-Tansley, a woman engineer, would unseat Sir Malcolm Thornton on a swing of 10 per cent


Safest Tory seat in Scotland, but Allan Stewart resigned and Sir Michael Hirst knifed as candidate

Norwich North

Patrick Thompson (Con) retiring; Labour's Ian Gibson needs 2 per cent swing to win


David Mellor (Con) Challenged by Sir James Goldsmith, leader of the anti- federalist Referendum Party, whose intervention could hand the seat to pro-European Labour candidate Tony Coleman, who needs an 8-point swing


Hazel Blears Safe Labour seat


Matthew Banks (Con) challenged by Ronnie Fearn, former Lib Dem MP until 1992, needs 3 per cent swing to win