‘Get Fit’ has got to be the most popular New Year's resolution of all time. If you want to turn over a new leaf in 2013 and work towards a better sense of wellbeing it's easy to make a few simple additions to your diet that will make a huge difference to your health. That doesn't mean completely making over what you put into your meals straight away, as sometimes it's better to gradually change your diet to make sure it works for you in the long term. By making these tiny tweaks to your weekly meal plan, you can add vitamins and minerals to boost your health:

  • Iron-rich food. A simple side of broccoli and spinach is a great way of getting some energy-boosting iron into your diet.
  • Nuts and seeds. Take the time substituting your chocolate and crisps for nuts and seeds that will provide a snack filled with protein and fibre without the fat content.
  • Fruit and veg are packed with vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin C and potassium so try introducing more into your diet if you're not getting your five a day.
  • Swap to good carbohydrates. You don't have to cut out rice and pasta, just go for healthy wholemeal versions as they are a great source of fibre and better for your body as they release energy slower.
  • A little fish on Friday. If you go for an oily fish once a week you'll boost your intake of omega 3 vitamins immediately.

Many people are put off by the expense and effort of healthy eating, hastening the demise of many a well-intentioned New Year’s Resolution. But it’s increasingly possible to keep both your body and your bank balance healthy, with many leading retailers offering high quality produce which doesn’t cost the earth.

Last year ASDA won more awards for freshness than any other supermarket including Winner of the 2012 Retail Industry Awards for Fresh Produce Retailer of the Year and also the 2012 Meat Management Industry Awards. Given the brand’s well-earned reputation for value, you know ASDA groceries will be affordable without any sacrifice in quality. So go ahead and make a sustainable start to your New Year’s health kick!