The Time: Back to work

The Place: Your office/study

The Essentials: Last week, millions of us made New Year resolutions to be more organised. Whether you're a student, office worker or self employed, we've made life easy for you by selecting some key items to help tidy up your life. If you're on a budget, don't worry, as stylish shelving and colourful storage items don't have to cost a bomb - in fact you can get them from your local DIY centre.

Save your eyesight and invest in a desk lamp (top), like this white one which costs pounds l5.99

A swivel office chair, essential for preventing backache, costs as little as pounds 24.99

If your idea of filing is watching a mountain of paperwork grow on your desk, then these bright storage boxes (middle), from pounds 8.99 each and blue and black files at pounds 4.99, are a must

Shelving needn't mean pieces of two by four planks. A smart four shelf, 20-inch wide chrome unit costs pounds 79.99

Homeworkers will find this wicker and steel magazine rack (bottom) essential, as it looks good and holds a lot of material. All for just pounds l4.99

All items are from Homebase. For stockist details call 0645 801800