Find out what the nation's favourite love poem is tonight on BBC 1. Griff Rhys Jones hosts the broadcast that will feature celebrities reciting the three most popular poems. And, if poetry be the food of love, read on ... Rhys Jones and guests discuss famous couples from the past who fell in love through reading one another's poetry.

If you think that poetry is just for pipe-smoking intellectuals, Apples & Snakes will shatter your illusions. A fusion of rap and poetry featuring Samantha Coerbell, Vanessa Richards, Black Male and more. BAC, Lavender Hill at 8.30pm. Details: (0171 223 2223) Tickets: pounds 4.50

Shane McGowen is on the road again with a new band and an album due out at the end of the month. Tonight The Popes will perform without the man himself but are certain to deliver the stomping Irish sounds that fans expect. At Tir Na Ng, Mean Fiddler, London NW10, 8pm. Details: (0181 961 5490)

Showing skills of a different kind, Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts can load up a saddle, bridle and rider on an unhandled horse that he's never seen before, with a few softly-uttered words. His bewitching skills will be on display on Saturday. London Docklands Arena. Tickets pounds 15-pounds 20. Details: 0171-538 1212 or 01684 594800.