There's a treat for fans of The Simpsons today when Yardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, opens a new selling exhibition of original and limited-edition artwork from the cartoon series - 'The Joys of Sax and other scenes from Springfield' at London's Animation Art Gallery. The gallery has around 100 works on sale: a framed, limited-edition 'couch gag' cel will set you back pounds 160, while for the truly flush, there is framed original production art for pounds 475 a piece. Not that you have to be a lottery winner to get a glimpse of Homer, Bart and the rest of the family, as you're welcome to go and look at all the artwork for free. So don't have a cow, man - take this chance to get a really close look at the world's most dysfunctional comic family, at a gallery near you.

Yardley Smith will open the exhibition at 2pm today at The Animation Art Gallery, 13 Great Castle Street, London W1 (0171-255 1456). The gallery is open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm