Food, beverage and confectionery companies were most popular in this week's Facebook brand charts  taking all top four positions, while iconic footwear brand Converse came fifth with its All Star shoes. Two Apple products - iTunes and the iPod - also made the top ten, as did lingerie and clothing from Victoria's Secret Pink range.


According to Fan Page List, which ranks the brands on Facebook, this week's most popular product brands are:

1.       Coca-Cola  (total Facebook fans: 18,177,209)
2.       Oreo (total Facebook fans:  14,116,113)
3.       Skittles (total Facebook fans: 13,074,479)
4.       Red Bull (total Facebook fans: 11,804,277)
5.       Converse All Star (total Facebook fans: 10,140, 061)
6.       iTunes (total Facebook fans: 8,394,073)
7.       Windows Live Messenger (total Facebook fans: 8,267,889)
8.       iPod (total Facebook fans: 7,558,618)
9.       Pringles (total Facebook fans: 7,334,441)
10.     Victoria's Secret Pink (total Facebook fans: 6,907,609)

Fan Page List ( is a directory of official Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts. This week's data was recorded on Thursday, November 18 at 12:00 GMT.