Fan Facts: Nicolas Cage (star of `Face/Off')

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Prize-winning: Cage picked up a Best Actor Oscar for his moving performance of a drunk trying to kill himself through the bottle in Leaving Las Vegas.

Back to life: Despite the emotionally draining experience of playing a suicidal alcoholic, Cage said the role did not make him consider giving up drinking.

Study time: To prepare for the film he watched how drunks behaved in The Volcano, Days of Wine and Roses, The Lost Weekend and Arthur.

Um, thanks: After winning the Oscar, Cage thanked Dudley Moore for his performance as a alcoholic in Arthur, which he said most resembled the real thing.

Film tragedy: The screenwriter of Leaving Las Vegas, John O'Brien, didn't live to see his autobiographical script filmed. He committed suicide before the film went into production.

True romance: Hollywood legend has it that after dating actress Patricia Arquette in 1987, Cage swore that he would marry her some day. They were eventually married in 1995.

Garage notes: Cage is an enthusiastic collector when it comes to cars. He owns a Ferrari, a 1967 metallic blue Corvette Stingray, a 1967 black- on-black Chevelle and a Bentley.

Recent purchase: Cage spent pounds 350,000 this March on a Lamborghini that was owned by the Shah of Iran.