OK, VALENTINE'S Day: I've been inundated with ideas about what to buy your loved one. I thought I would write about such romantic matters now, because I simply want to get this daft day out of the way. You may think that I'm a real stick in the mud when it comes to romance - but honestly I'm not. I'm one of those people who believes a loved one should buy you pressies all year round and not only on V day. But then I'm a very lucky girl. So for those of you guys and gals who have no imagination of your own, here are some ideas.

First off, set the mood with the Loving You CD from Marks & Spencer, pounds 8, a compilation of love songs including "Cherish" (Kool and the Gang), "Just the Way You Are" (Barry "Walrus" White) and "Love Changes Everything" (Michael Ball). Things certainly would change if somebody bought me a CD with that particular track on it. Light the wonderfully scented rose candle (pounds 5) and turn off the lights. Perfect if your other half isn't that handsome/pretty. Make sure his/her photo is featured in one of these silver heart frames, pounds 8. Share a romantic dinner, etc. The piece de resistence, of course, has to be the cutest Valentine teddy, (if you're a teddy kind of girl that is) pounds 7 with dinky heart pullover - ah, bless. All from Marks & Spencer no less! If none of the above works then hit the new Prada lingerie boutique on Harrods first floor. Pure silk french knickers and matching camisole in blush pink are sure to make most females happy. If that still doesn't work, let's face it, she's an ungrateful so and so and should be dumped immediately.

I noticed that quasi-stylish Cherie Blair stepped off the plane in Tokyo last week carrying a Bill Amberg (he's a handbag designer, for those of you who don't know) "Rocket" brief case in daring red. She's one lady who's coping well with the age-old dilemma of what business women carry to that all-important meeting.

Speaking of hopping off planes: old Dickie (that's Richard to you) Gere was in town last week. Apparently he stepped off Concorde, without luggage, looking incredibly gorgeous of course. He then jumped in a cab, went to an address in a trendy part of west London which I cannot possibly disclose, left the meter ticking over while he disappeared inside for twenty minutes, got back into the cab and caught Concorde back to wherever he came from. I'm intrigued! How the other half live, eh?

I have to stop here. You see a rather large box of make-up has just been plonked on my desk - well, not exactly mine, they were actually sent to my colleague Miss Barbieri who said I could help myself. So I did. It's the new range of colours from Mac - shades of Venus. Yes, I've be thrown into orbit. Lots of sheeny-shiny blues, greens, pinks and oranges. The colour "Relic", which is beigey, has already become a firm favourite. It's particularly fantastic if you want to re-create the heart attack look, which I hear is very in this year (forget heroin chic, girls).

Were you a punk back in '77? Did you wear a rat on your shoulder and a bag of sick around your neck? Then you may be interested in an exhibition of art work from the punk era. Destroy traces the development of punk graphic design from record sleeves, posters and fliers to fanzines and photographs. The show also includes images from bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Undertones and The Damned. From 6 Feb until 16 March. The Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London SE1.