I'm not a great a fan of men's mags (still, I don't suppose I would be, as I'm not who they are aimed at) and semi- clad girls on every cover is nothing new, I know. I thought I'd seen it all until I picked up the June issue of Esquire. Their cover girl is Monica Potter, a bit of babe with the excuse that she's also an actress - fine. Inside, the other baby doll feature is Jayne Middlemiss of Ozone fame, not a bad-looking gal until, that is, the hair and make-up professionals completely over did it with the gunk, and the stylist dressed her as a call girl. To add insult to injury, the photographer must have then said "Come on darling, just pop yourself up on the hospital trolley and I'll just take a few pervy snaps of you before I wheel you through for your operation." Poor Jayne, is she not worth more?


Something more understated is usually the answer. Clinique, for example, have introduced the nude range for summer. I'm not suggesting we should go trotting around in our birthday suits, just wear a bit less on our faces. Apparently this summer it's all about being a tawny and sunkissed with a sexy glow. To achieve this, you need Clinique's soft shine double tipped lipsticks, pounds 10.50, in Honey Honey (a rich cinnamon and a pale beige gold) and Kissy Kissy (a muted sandy pink with a pale pearly pink). The idea is to either go bold or add a shimmery touch over the top. For the eyes, use duo eye shadows, pounds 12.50 with a light and dark shade, so you can mix and highlight. Available from selected department stores.


You've probably seen Madonna's new video, "Ray of Light". I don't know about you, but as far as I'm concerned only Madonna could get away with wearing a simple denim jacket and look so fabulous. Especially as she reveals just the right amount of flat stomach. Which is rather sickening, how can it be so flat so soon after she's had a child? It's simply not fair. Anyway, Lee jeans, who manufacture this particular slim-fit denim jacket, have been inundated with calls from fashion editors and other supposedly trendy bods who are desperate to get their little hands on one - or so I'm told. Don't kid yourselves guys, chances are you won't look half as good as she does in it! Lee denim jackets from pounds 59.99.


Speaking of denim, I hear that everybody in New York is snapping up the re-released Calvin Klein original style jeans. Remember Brooke Shields plastered across every bill board in the USA back in the late Seventies with the slogan "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins"? Well, Calvin has recreated that zip fly, dark denim style for us and no they ain't hipsters. Unfortunately you will have to wait until July to get a pair here, unless you're off to New York that is. On the other hand, if you're a homey kind of girl (or guy for that matter), it's time for you to chuck out your Evisu and Helmut Lang turn-ups and try out the uneven length look - having one leg turned up shorter than the other is apparently an unspoken way of saying "I have one up on you": I am walking around the office with both my trouser legs rolled up around my knees, because I have two up on everyone!


You may have already seen the new Nine West flagship store in James Street, Covent Garden. If not, it's worth a visit as they have rather nice shoes, accessories and a range of clothes. You`ll be seeing a lot more of NW as they have recently bought 25 Cable & Co shops which will be completely re-vamped by the end of the year. Can't wait.