Regular readers of these pages will know my gripes about bras not being made big enough to accommodate girls whose bosoms go above a C cup, and never have I felt more cross than when I saw this bra. La Perla may make fantastic underwear, but it is bloody slow on the "bigger cups please" uptake. If only La Perla realised that I alone could keep its factories open if it just made bras a bit bigger. But no matter. This bra is fantastic if you like simplicity, and it gives you a great cleavage if you're a B-cup or less. It has the sort of cups that still look like they've got breasts in them when you take it off and it's cut beautifully. It is an all-round Great Thing and not really that expensive. AB

La Perla Sculpture bra, from pounds 60, in sizes 1-4 (equivalent to 32B-38B). Bodies from pounds 120. In black, white, ivory, nude, pink and blue from department stores nationwide (inquiries: 0171-436 5864)