Fashion: Brachian beacons

On the street: When London designers Brach and Brach host a night at The Well Hung Gallery, it's an event for the new glitter-arty. By Amy Jones
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Lisa Samos, 30, director of The Well Hung Gallery, from London, wears grey sheer dress by Brach and Brach, from the autumn/winter 2000 "Antarctica" collection.

"I love clothes and enjoy dressing up tremendously. Brach and Brach is one of my favourite designers. I just love her clothes, she's going to design my wedding dress. Her style is very elegant and different from anything else I've ever seen on the catwalks. This is one of my favourite dresses, it's hand painted and I love its shape. Teresa, who is the designer and founder of the Brach and Brach label, is very inventive. I'm really pleased that she chose to have her viewing at The Well Hung Gallery. It's a true honour. Last year I was really into Ozwald Boateng but now my favourite designers are Brach and Brach and Yohji Yamamoto."

Raphael Salley, 29, international session hairdresser, from Paris, wears long-sleeved T-shirt by Japanese label Good Enough.

"I did the models' hair for the Brach and Brach show and also for the models seen on the accompanying CD-Rom. I used loads of hair gel and glitter to create a look which really complemented the Antarctica collection. I think there are so many designers now coming out of London with really great ideas. I love Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen. But I think my absolute favourite has got to be Clements Ribeiro. Personally, I'm always so busy working that I never seem to have any time to go clothes shopping for myself. Then, when I do get to go shopping, I usually end up buying CDs as I'm really into music and, of course, hair products."

Millie Mopp, 22, actress and club promoter for Bamboozled in London, wears sequinned basque and matching jacket made by a friend. Jewellery from London markets.

"These rings are by Cartier, oh OK, they're copies really but keep it quiet. Clotheswise, I am really into haute couture dresses, the bigger, louder and brighter the better. I like Versace - now that's true style - and I'm not too keen on this white trend. For some reason it reminds me of standing outside on a cold winter's night trying to flag down a taxi. This week my top fashion tips for all you fashion freaks out there are: if it doesn't fit, don't wear it. Also if you find that you have trouble getting all that make-up off of your face after a hard day's work, try using Superdrug baby oil. I simply can't stress this enough."

Ruth Taylor, 17, model, from Nottingham, wears sequinned sleeveless shell top by Brach and Brach.

"I've really enjoyed myself here tonight, everyone is so friendly. It makes a nice change to be able to stand around and chat to people and let them see the clothes close-up. My head does feel a bit strange though, caked in all this hair gel. When I'm not working, I'm not really into designer clothes. I always seem to end up buying my trousers and jumpers from Warehouse or Oasis. My favourite shop, though, has got to be Top Shop. I went to the Top Shop in Oxford Circus for the first time the other day. It was absolutely amazing. Honestly, there was so much going on there and so many clothes to choose from that I didn't know where to start looking."