Fashion: But does it match?

On the street: Amy Jones finds out what supporters wear to spur on their team
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Daniel Bowden, 12, wears hat from a Tottenham Hotspur stall, David Ginola Spurs T-shirt, T-shirt from Kappa, Adidas tracksuit bottoms, Reebok trainers. His mother Shirley, 47, newsagent, wears Head-hunter boardwear fleece, striped leggings from Marks & Spencer, boots from Bally, new Spurs hat

Daniel: "I like wearing sportswear because it's good to play football in. I'd like to play like David Ginola, I reckon he's Spurs' best player." Shirley: "I like looking trendy but it has to be practical, you can't go far wrong with M&S for basics. We've travelled here especially so we thought we'd treat ourselves to these hats."

Robert Moore, 54, security officer, wears Elvis glasses and jacket from Memphis, Spurs T-shirt and scarf, trousers and shoes bought by his wife

"I wouldn't say that I am really interested in fashion, my wife buys me most things. I am a big Elvis fan and I mostly wear the Elvis clothing I bought in Memphis. I have been supporting Spurs for 44 years and am a life member of the Spurs supporters' club. I met a few of the players from the team in the Sixties. I hope to meet the current team at the Spurs Player of the Year Ball which is held at the end of the year. That is if they turn up, a lot of them don't bother for one reason or another."

Steven Eagle, 28, coffee-machine salesman, wears hat, T-shirt, sweatshirt and scarf from the Spurs shop in White Hart Lane, jeans from French Connection, trainers from Nike

"My in-laws bought me the sweatshirt last Christmas. I'm not really into fashion but I don't like wearing anything crappy. I do like French Connection and sportswear to relax in. The only wish I have this Christmas is for Spurs to win the FA Cup and for my birthday they can win the Worthington Cup. Oh yeah, and stuff the Arsenal when they come home. I am a bit dubious about today's match, I'm with my girlfriend Louisa - we usually lose when she comes with me to a match."

Wendy Hill, 31, nursery nurse, wears the latest Manchester United T-shirt and Lonestar jeans from Dorothy Perkins. Her mother Tricia, retired, wears jacket, long-sleeved T-shirt and hat from the Manchester United shop, Polish team supporters scarf, jeans and boots from Marks & Spencer

Wendy: "I have got quite a lot of the Manchester United clothes. They do cater for women now as the T-shirts are shaped to fit the feminine form." Tricia: "This hat's famous, it's been on the telly, I wore it at the Liverpool match last season. I swapped my Man United scarf for a Poland team scarf at the finals in August."