My mother bought six pink plastic articulated travel coat hangers many years ago (about 40 actually), which I still have. They have useful prongs for skirts and strappy dresses, and are reasonably kind to shoulders (unlike those metal loopy ones you used to see). I would love to find some more.

Jennifer Phillips, Highgate, London

Jennifer, what have you started? I now cannot stop looking for these things. My mother had/still has a few travel hangers that were pink (obviously the colour for a travelling hanger) but cloth not plastic. But have I managed to find any? No. I have tried everywhere, every luggage department I could think of (and yes that includes Johnny Loulous). Even Travelsmith (tel: 0800 783 3030), that superb catalogue of all things travelley, does not do them (although, following on from my request it will be looking into it). The only things I could find that you may find helpful are in the Lakeland Ltd Storage Catalogue (tel: 015394 88100). On page 39 of its autumn/winter 1999 issue it has something called Multi-Hook Swivel Hangers (ref: 7992). They come in navy blue, the hook part folds down, they have a ribbed effect so that your clothes don't fall off, and hooks for skirts and ties, pounds 5.95 for a pack of 10. I hope they'll do you.

A long while ago, I remember you writing something about Eileen Fisher and how her designs would be/might be coming here soon. They sounded really nice, as I remember. Has there been any progress?

Eve, Northampton

Bloody hell, what a memory you have - I wrote about that AGES ago. And thanks to the original correspondent that wrote in then (we're talking four years ago), I got some bumf sent from Eileen Fisher in the States. And it did/does such lovely things. I actually bought a coat just by seeing it in a photo and talking over the phone to someone at EF trying to work out my size. It is made of black fleece and I love it. It's the best coat I ever bought cos you can bung it in the washing machine! Bloody brilliant. Anyway, things have progressed a bit. Harrods (tel: 0171 730 1234) stocks her lines (although there's nothing in at the moment - delivery is expected in a few weeks so ring to check before/if you make the journey), but it is the only stockist in this country. The EF website is also under construction: but you can, if you have internet access, log on every now and again to check progress - you can also e-mail via this site.

I bought a pair of jeans in the US which are the most fantastic fit I have ever found. I am now cursing that I didn't buy more pairs, as I have searched high and low (including Levi's website) for those jeans over here but they seem to be available in the States only. The jeans were 550, regular fit, but longer length - can you help?

RW, London

Levi's 550 are not available here - they are a very "Stateside" style. There are only two things I can usefully suggest: beg someone who is going to get you a pair (and perhaps we can have a repeat of the wonderful community spirit that Dr Alex Scott Samuel's quest for black plimmies sparked off a few years back). Or keep ringing Rokit, which specialises in second- hand/vintage denim (tel: 0171 267 3046). It said that it doesn't get them in madly often, but that it's always worth checking. Anyone else that can help, get on with it.