Forget Samuel L Jackson and Robert de Niro. The biggest star of Tarantino's new movie Jackie Brown is Kangol. Barely a frame goes by without Cumbria's finest export - complete with kangaroo logo - being flashed on the silver screen.

Apparently, Mr Jackson is Kangol's number one fan. He can't get enough of the soft wool peaked caps. If Monica Lewinsky can sell a few thousand more berets for Donna Karan with a few paparazzi shots, just imagine what Mr Jackson will do for Kangol's sales when the movie is released here next month. It's enough to warrant the Key to the Lake District.

The story of Kangol is a strange one that has both baffled and delighted its founders. How could they have predicted that their 50-odd-year-old 504 cap and the terry towelling golfer's hat would become the most wanted accessories of the Eighties by the coolest of the rap pack? Now, with the help of Samuel L Jackson, it's happening for Kangol all over again. Tamsin Blanchard