IOn the street: How do busy mothers do it - find time for fashion and children? Hannah Hunter asks some good-looking madonnas
Naja 28, restaurant manager, from Skaagen in Denmark, bag by Quicksilver, skirt from H&M, rest of clothes from high street shops in Denmark, with Joakim, four, in Gap clothes, with Buzz Lightyear from the Disney Store.

"We've been in London on holiday for a week, visiting friends. I used to live here 10 years ago and it's my first time back since then. It's still fun but I don't recognise anywhere anymore. We've bought lots of things here. I got clothes from H&M and Next, as well as toys for Joakim, as a reward for being a good boy while we've been here. There are some lovely kids' clothes in the Disney Store and we got a few things for Joakim there. The clothes are the same price here as they are in Denmark, the only thing that's cheaper in London is the food."

Nadine 24, full-time mother from London Bridge, wears top from Top Shop, home-made trousers, second-hand leather jacket, and shoes from Top Shop, with Florence, 6 months, in M&S Babygro and Gap fleece.

"I tend to make my own clothes, and now Florence sleeps through the night, I have the whole evening to myself. I've just cut out a pair of trousers for her, but I haven't made anything for her up until now - her clothes are mainly from Baby Gap. I think it's easy to be a stylish mother, if you've got a few good basics. I think it helps that Florence is so easy-going, but I do have a lot of time for myself. I went to Top Shop today and was very tempted. I bought these shoes, and wanted to get more, especially from their accessories lines."

Nana 31, full-time mother from former Yugoslavia, wears trousers from Mexx, jacket from Italy, top from Oasis and shoes by Bella Rico, with Nicholas, 13 months, who is wearing Benetton and Gap and Stephan, five, in a Fruit of the Loom track suit and Disney top.

"I have no time to be fashionable with two children. Stephan has just started in year one, and was at nursery last year, and I'm just picking him up from school now. I spend a lot of money on the children - and on myself when I can, when I have time. But I think I spend more on them than me, and certainly spend much more time looking after them than I do on myself. I buy all our clothes on the high street. I do try to look good but I think it's nearly impossible as a mother of two."

Charlotte 21, a recording artist from West Hampstead, wears Nike trainers from New York and a Red or Dead dress, with Iman, six months, who wears Next shoes, and fleece outfit from Printemps in Paris.

"I sing with Soul II Soul, and I'm on tour a lot with them, so I buy a lot of clothes while travelling. I get Iman's things from Paris, mainly in Printemps, because

they have better colours there. I do spend a lot on her clothes, much more than I should. I've just got back from Japan where we were on a Blue Note tour. They have some great clothes over there, and I got a heavy quilted coat, which looks good but is a bit difficult to move around in. I didn't buy any electrical stuff because the instructions were all in Japanese."