Fashion: Quite unsuitable

On the street: In Ely, Cambridgeshire, older shoppers have to look elsewhere for smart, warm clothes, as Hannah Hunter discovers
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Mrs Wilton 77, lives in Ely, wears coat and sweater from Marks & Spencer, shoes and trousers from Ely market

"I don't know why you want to take my picture as my clothes are very scruffy at the moment, I usually wear skirts and jackets. I've had these things for years, and I still wear clothes I brought from London 10 years ago. I used to live in Elephant and Castle, but my house was broken into three days in a row, and I was too frightened to go out. The area was too violent and I couldn't live a normal life. I moved here to be near my son, who's lived here for 25 years. It's a lovely place but I miss going to the shows, and the choice of clothes shops. I usually go to Cambridge if I want to buy new things as there's nothing here for me, it's all young people's shops."

Lennard Prigg 59, retired from WAGN railway, wears coat and trousers from Littlewoods, cap by Goddard from Kings Lynn, "very old shoes".

"I will buy my clothes anywhere and know how to find a bargain. Clothes- wise I prefer to shop in Kings Lynn, where there's more choice. The shops here don't cater for people on a limited income. I had to wear a uniform for my work, and outside of work I bought classic clothes, a lot of which I kept for a long time. I bought a Swallow overcoat for 30 shillings many years ago and it still looks good. The coat I'm wearing today is good because it covers my knees when I'm riding my bike. I'm not going to be bored now I've retired as I've got a lot of interests. And I'll be able to visit people whom I haven't seen for a while."

Jill Riddy "you should never ask a lady her age", retired teacher from Cambridge, wears coat, suit and shoes from Jane's, Newmarket, antique jewellery

"I buy and sell antiques, and used to have a shop but I'm too soft with money, and had to close it after a while as I never made a profit. I used to sell things for less than I'd bought them for and I found it very difficult. I went to Paris on the Eurostar last week for my birthday, and went shopping there. I really wanted a fur coat, and I saw lots of beautiful ones on the Champs- Elysees, but the prices started at pounds 10,000. I think it's vital to follow fashion even if it does break the bank. I'm also crazy about cars, which is a very expensive hobby. I'm in Ely on business but I wouldn't get my clothes here, there's not enough choice."

Joe Warren 78, retired, lives in Soham, wears outfit from Neville Reed, Cambridge, tie from Ely market

"I'm in my casual clothes today for going round the market. I generally wear a suit and I'm a bit smarter. I don't go shopping much, but when I do it's Neville Reed in Cambridge. I haven't bought anything yet, but I'm after some wallflowers for my garden. It's very cold today, and I'm shivering, I should have brought my coat with me. I used to be a nurse, so I spent lots of time in uniform when I was younger. But when I got out of work it was a very different story. I was a teddy boy with a quiff and a Lambretta scooter, and used to ride around Sheffield on it causing trouble. We thought we were very smart in those days."