SCOUTING around Oxford Street on Saturday, anyone would have thought there was about to be a severe denim pedal-pusher drought. Suddenly, everyone including the mother, brother and dog was wearing them.

I'm quite sure that when I made my own three years ago I didn't think I had my finger three years ahead of the pulse. I simply had a few scraps of fabric lying around; not quite enough for a pair of full-length trousers. And now my cropped denims are the height of fashion, I know exactly how those Hollywood starlets feel when they turn up to the plushest of award ceremonies to find that a less famous person turned up in exactly the same ensemble. Everywhere I looked as I walked down the sunny side of the street, I thought I was seeing my own reflection.

I couldn't possibly begin to list the high-street stores that have recreated their own version of the Fifties rockabilly denim pedal-pusher. The Etam version, at pounds 45, is too expensive, too long and the v-cut detailing on the waistband too fussy. The Morgan ones, also pounds 45, have a band of lighter coloured denim sewn to the bottom to create the effect of a fashionable bucket-sized turn-up. French Connection's sport a similar fake turn up. Theirs are pounds 50.

The pick of the bunch for savvy shoppers is from Easy, qualified jeans designers. They are stretch denim, they are cheap - pounds 29.99 - and they are everywhere. Wear with cute little cardigans and kitten heels, or strappy vest and flattie sandles. A ponytail and chewing gum is optional. Wear on a beach or on the street. But most importantly, don't wear with tights, socks or any other hosiery. And if you don't want to follow the flock, don't wear them at all.