After virtual makeup, shoppers can now 'try on' watches on touch screens

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Following the launch of Shiseido's Digital Cosmetic Mirror, designed to virtually foresee what products would look like on your face, watch brand Tissot has teamed up with London department store Selfridges for a virtual shopping window.

Using the paper wristbands distributed outside the store, shoppers can point their arms at the cameras in the windows and choose any of the 28 watches of Tissot's Touch collection on the touch screens to see what they would look like on their wrists.

Thanks to the augmented-reality technology, they will be able to see an image of themselves interacting with the watch in 3D. What's more, a specific picture can be emailed to your account via bluetooth.

"We are excited to be part of such a step-change in the luxury watch market's approach to its customer relationship," Lynne Murray, brand manager of Holition, who designed the technology, told the Telegraph. "Using fully immersive augmented reality, Holition is enabling upmarket brands to remain cutting edge and experience a much higher level of consumer engagement with the product."

Fashion previously proved fond of 3D, from magazine editorials to fashionable glasses brand Look3D, but Holition's and Shiseido's technologies look as if they could revolutionize how we shop and get dressed in the morning.

Wristbands will be handed out for free from 9am to 9pm for two weeks, starting May 20.

Watch a demonstration here: