Apps for the style-conscious: Louis Vuitton city guides, ethical shopping

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This week, travel in style with Vuitton's new Amble app, beautify your browsing with Pulse, and make ethical shopping easier with The Good Shopping Guide.

Louis Vuitton has finally entered the app game, releasing Amble, the digital (and free!) version of its popular City Guides. Find hip places around you, customize each city's map with your notes, and share your favorite spots with friends and family - and in case you're lacking inspiration, find likeminded Amblers' tips via the app or online at

Ethical shopping is good but oh-so-time-consuming? Enter The Good Shopping Guide: based on the eponymous UK-focused book, the new app lets you browse and compare more than 700 brands across 15 ethical shopping critera and provides an overall rating of their eco-friendliness to facilitate quick buying decisions. Costs $4.99.

Pulse, the free iPad app that transforms your favorite websites into easily readable and sleek-looking mosaics, has been updated this week. Perfect timing: now it's even easier to stay up to date during fashion month.

Beauty product testing site Temptalia is getting ready to launch its first mobile app. Participate in its survey to make sure it will be up to your standards.