Chinese men prefer gf -- the beauty brand's serums and lotions are dominating the charts. Apart from that, the biggest changes are happening in fragrance this month with two new entries, Flower by Kenzo and L'Occitane's solid rose perfume. Asian brands Kose and For Beloved One remain successful in skincare but might get competition from Sampar.

Here are the three top-selling beauty products on Sephora's website for China in each sales category:


1. For Beloved One: Metasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask
2. Sampar: Stylo Absolu Pureté
3. Clinique: Clarifying Moisture Lotion


1. For Beloved One: Blemish Balm Cream
2. Benefit: Dr. Feelgood
3. Sephora: Nail Patch


1. Kenzo: Flower
2. L'Occitane: Solid Perfume (Roses de 4 Reines)
3. Gwen Stefani: Harakuju Lovers


1. J.F. Lazartique: Marine Shampoo (Set)
2. J.F. Lazartique: Marine Shampoo
3. René Furterer: Complexe S

Bath & Body

1. La Compagnie de Provence: Extra Pure Soap
2. L'Occitane: Hand Cream
3. La Compagnie de Provence: Hand Cream


1. Sephora: Make-up Removal Pads
2. Avenir Kose: Pure & Soft Cotton
3. Kose: Lotion Mask


1. gf: Cozy Series
2. gf: Balancing Lotion
3. gf: Moisturizing Lotion

Site: www.sephora.cn