Kimmay Caldwell wants women to realise that they’re so much more than a number / Getty Images

Sizes, no matter how big or small, do not define you

Have you ever lied about your bra size? Well you’re not alone because when it comes to numbers us women feel like truth can be a dirty word.

But, Kimmay Caldwell is on a mission to change that.

Instead of obsessing over your 34C’s she wants women to realise that they’re so much more than a number.

Speaking to Bustle, the body positivity campaigner revealed all about the “More Than Just My Numbers” campaign – a series of body positive and educational videos of women sharing their bra sizes with zero shame, or judgement.  

The goal here is to show women that sizes, no matter how big or small, do not define them.

A bra fitter since 2005, Caldwell has worked everywhere from small boutiques in Soho to La Perla and it was working within this community of women that she noticed there was a problem.

When it came to talking numbers, the conversation would automatically turn sour and she realised just how harmful this was.

As a result, Caldwell decided it was time to start having an open and frank conversation about those numbers and just how insignificant they are.

“I started sharing the idea with friends and colleagues, and they started getting excited with me,” she wrote on her website.

“I told them how I wanted to create a photo and video campaign that would encourage women to find their bra size starting points, and not let the number – or any other – define them. They loved it!”

By sharing her own and other women’s stories, Caldwell hopes to inspire women to let of judgment and to release the stigma associated with numbers like bra size, weight or age. 

“For this project, we're starting with women and bra sizes, but it goes so much deeper than that,” Caldwell told Bustle

“In fact, in addition to sharing their bra measurements and bra sizes, the women discuss their journey with other numbers like weight, age, number of marriages, and even blood test results!"

Shot with no editing, airbrushing and an all-female production team, the campaign boasts a diverse cast of women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds while other aspects of the project include a range of educational guides on bra sizes, bra fit tips and more.