Celebrity beauty lessons: find the right haircut for your face

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Ready for a hair change? Read these expert tips first! Plus: how to lose weight fast for your summer wedding.

Find the right haircut for your face

New York hair expert Louis Licari has shared his tips with the Huffington Post this week: if your face is oval (like Jessica Alba's), all cuts will suit you. Square-shaped faces (like Angelina Jolie's) need long, choppy layers or released curls to soften up the jawline. Rounder shapes (think Cameron Diaz's face) will appear slimmer with hair cut just below the chin. Paris Hilton distracts from her pointy chin with side-swept bangs - a look that works well for all heart-shaped faces. And finally, if you have a rather long face (like Gwyneth Paltrow), short and medium-length styles - with lots of added volume - are best for your type.


Don't lose your hair to a weave like Naomi Campbell

Pictures of Naomi Campbell apparently balding - seen underneath her weave at a fashion shoot for Dennis Basso this week - have shocked the beauty hemisphere. Years of chemical treatments and said weaves seem to have taken their toll on the supermodel. In order to prevent damage, follow these tips: shampoo and condition your natural hair, focusing on the scalp, apply natural oils, secure your weave at night, and have it removed after six to eight weeks.

More tips can be found at http://blackhair.about.com/od/colorenhancements/tp/haircareunderweave.htm

Get in shape for your summer wedding like Hilary Duff

According to Celebrity Beauty Buzz, stars are toning up for their upcoming weddings: Hilary Duff, who will marry NHL hockey player Mike Comrie this summer, is relying on the 5 Factor Diet to look her best. This celebrity favorite is an easy regime to follow: you eat five meals a day, containing less than five ingredients each, for five weeks to lose weight rapidly. The diet is paired with 25 to 30 minutes of daily exercise. A great free 5 Factor Diet guide can be found here: http://www.everydiet.org/diet/5-factor-diet.