Celebrity beauty lessons: Megan's skincare, Bethenny's pregnancy beauty tips, and Amanda's make-up picks

This week, learn all about how to get rid of zits quickly à la Megan Fox, avoid fat ankles during your pregnancy with tips from Bethenny Frankel, and what beauty essentials to invest in, guided by Amanda Seyfried.

Zap zits instantly like Megan Fox

The foxy actress was spotted buying Bliss Spa's Pore-fector kit, possibly to get rid of pimples before an important public appearance. If you're looking for a last-minute remedy (as well as long-term prevention; the kit also contains detoxifying facial toner and masks), you can shop the high-tech kit, designed to replace your esthetician, at Sephora for $185.


Avoid 'cankles' during your pregnancy like Bethenny Frankel

The 39-year-old US reality TV star ( Bethenny Getting Married) managed to look great in minidresses and high heels while she was pregnant. She told InStyle that her secret to avoid swollen ankles, or 'cankles' as they are also known, was "SPONGE Skincare Anti-Fatigue Leg Cream! It helped my legs feel invigorated and less swollen."


Keep it simple like Amanda Seyfried

Celebrity Beauty Buzz has shared the actress's favorite beauty products. They include Maybelline Great Lash (around $6, "It's my favorite. It goes on clean, not clumpy. And I can curl my lashes afterwards and it doesn't come off."), Chanel Nail Polish ($23, "I love everything about these polishes - the shades, the texture. I also trust that Chanel is making the colors I should be wearing."), Epicuren Ultra Rose Treat Enzyme Moisturizer ("I use the full line [$78], and it has worked for me for years. I've had no bad breakouts or eczema."), and the DiorBlush Duo in Peachy Keen ($40, "It goes on supersmooth, I just started wearing blush and realized how much more alive I look with it on.").