Current nail trends: Minx, OPI Axxium, CND Shellac

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Spring is here, and with it, nail polish is getting more important. Sure, nudes and pastels are in, and corals look great with a tan - but what about the real innovations? Here are three nail trends the beauty world is talking about right now.

Minx Nails

Minx manicures have been around for the past two years, but they are only now known about on a broader scale. A solid film with a heat-activated, adhesive back much like stickers is applied to the nail, lasting for about two weeks. The Californian company's products are designed to stand out - its range features metallics, graphic patterns, neon colors and photo designs - and have thus become a favorite among celebrities. Some claim that, while Minx is the right choice for a one-off event, the film can come off easier than expected, especially when the procedure costs around $50. A list of international suppliers and professional Minx nail artists can be found at

OPI Axxium

Gel, instead of polish, is a big trend in nails right now, and OPI - normally known for its extensive color ranges and themed collections, such as the ones for Alice in Wonderland or Shrek - has launched a gel line called Axxium that is designed to strengthen your nails and make them look shinier. A word of warning, however: whether on natural or fake nails, Axxium should only be applied by a nail professional, and not be bought for personal use via or other sites, since the gel is very difficult to remove.

CND Shellac

The latest and most groundbreaking innovation comes from Creative Nail Design (CND): its new Shellac range, a hybrid between traditional nail polish and gel that dries underneath a UV lamp, doesn't smell, and will stay on your nails for 14 days without chipping or smudging. Plus: it can be removed in ten minutes and doesn't damage your nails. Due to be launched in the US in May (and hopefully internationally soon after), with all the raving reviews it has gotten from professionals, this product could get DIY manicurists back into the salon.