Dior reveals holiday collection

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Themed by color, the French fashion house has released its gift suggestions for Christmas, opening the big run-up to the holiday season.

In order to promote its selection of presents, Dior has recreated a digital version of its flagship store on the Avenue Montaigne in Paris, with each window representing a different line of accessories.

Its 'Red' line features handbags, rain boots, pumps and even a Dior phone, all in the same shade of shiny deep red, while the 'Gold' edition also includes glitzy jewelry and sunglasses.

The classic 'Black' range is of a more demure nature (flats, plain bags and simple heels), but 'Winter White' with its pearls, hats and leather carriers with bold logo charms looks as if these accessories are just the right thing to take along to a jet-set ski resort.

An additional holiday line called 'Precious Leathers' showcases more of Dior's most popular handbags such as the 'Granville' and 'New Lock' models.

All items will go on sale at international Dior outlets this month.

Site: www.dior.com