He'd never done any modelling before

Hot on the heels of the Pakistani tea-seller turned internet sensation and model, a Dutch construction worker has signed a modelling contract after a stranger came up to him and asked for a photo.

21-year-old Londoner Danika Magdalena was on holiday in Amsterdam when she saw Nicky Libert working in the street. 

Thinking he might be a model, Danika and her friends asked the 26-year-old for a photo and, despite having no professional modelling experience, he agreed. 

“They came to me to ask if I was a model. I said 'no, otherwise I would not be here,'” Libert told Parool.nl.

After Danika tweeted the photo, and online manhunt followed, with people all over the world falling for Libert in the process.

It wasn’t long before his Instagram account was found.

Since becoming a social media sensation, Libert has signed a contract with Elite Model Management and now boasts over 35,000 followers, rising from less than 500 just a few days earlier.


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