Facebook beauty brands: five labels to watch

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From YouTube stars to eco-conscious supermodels: here are five of the most promising new beauty launches.

By Lauren Luke (32,416 fans): One of the biggest beauty success stories in recent years, UK's Lauren Luke first started selling makeup online in 2007. After customers asked more questions about how to use the products than the products themselves, Luke created her YouTube tutorial channel, Panacea81, which now has 60 million views and over 300,000 subscribers since her first upload.

GoodSkin Labs (3,334 fans): The affordable anti-aging line was founded in 2007 but is already an online shoppers' favorite: scientific credibility in combination with funky packaging made the brand's popularity soar in no time.

Josie Maran Cosmetics (2,224 fans): Model Josie Maran is one of those trying to make 'eco' sexy: her new formulas are created with organic and nontoxic ingredients.

Cover FX (669 fans): The full-coverage foundation, used on movie sets, comes in 30 shades and hides everything from acne to birthmarks and tattoos. Priced at $42, the product is available online and at Sephora stores.

All for Eve: A record four prizes at the CEW Awards in April are hinting at this becoming the next big thing. Proceeds of the affordable product range benefit cancer research: Nadia, the sister-in law of the brand's founder George Hammer, died from ovarian cancer in 2008.