A charming experience

With a thoughtful sentiment behind every trinket, Dodo's jewellery is for the romantic at heart

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Charm bracelets and necklaces have been around since boho-chic graced us with its happy-go-lucky self in the Seventies, but there has been a surge in the popularity of trinkets of late.

Dodo, the brand founded in 1995 by the Italian jewellery company Pomellato, is big on charm and puts others to shame with the wonderful sentiments of its "talking" charms collection.

Made in the brand's Milan-based factory using different coloured gold, white and black diamonds and coloured stones, the trinkets themselves come in the form of letters or animals. Each carries its own meaning, which aims to speak the universal language of emotions.

Choose from the starfish, "handle with care"; swallow, "come back to me"; goose, "let's play" or rhino, "I'll look out for you" – among others.

The shopping experience, too, is very personal, the way the Italians like it.

The contemporary, yet playful interior of the Sloane Street store in London, designed by the architect Paola Navone, will make you feel as if you are in Italy yourself.

With nature at its heart, Dodo is a supporter of the World Wildlife Foundation giving a percentage of its turnover to the charity.