Agenda: Christopher Kane; Douglas Booth; Kapow Comic Con; Martin Creed; Nasty Cute

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Fashion: Kane and able

He's been taking inspiration from SodaStreams, and Christopher Kane's prospects certainly couldn't be fizzier: having scooped the British Fashion Council's annual Fashion Fund award, the Scottish prodigy stole the show at London Fashion Week with his granny-chic crochet knits and sequinned sheer dresses adorned with liquid-filled plastic detailing. And lest anyone forget he has the commercial instinct to match his creative nous, today sees the Milan launch of his latest collection for Versace's revitalised diffusion line Versus – kan-ing it, indeed.

Face to watch: Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth More than the sum of his cheekbones, this model-cum-actor stirred nostalgia as an eerily convincing Boy George in Worried About the Boy, and will surely stir hearts as Christopher Isherwood's lover in the BBC's upcoming Christopher and His Kind.

Lexpionage: The F list, n.

The group of feckless celebrities who long ago gave up on promising careers to devote their time to pouting on Fashion Week front rows. Also includes the desperate progeny of genuine stars

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Keith Chegwin, Katie Price, Russell Brand; Josie Long

1. Wow who knew Justin Beiber hated abortion? Unbelieberble!

2. Huge thanks for the welcome backs. Sadly, I'm still getting tons of hassle, Again. I'll just ignore it & see how we get on. But THANK YOU

3. So jealous of Russell Kane's legs haha

4. Should we have sold weapons to a dictator who sounds like George VI trying to pronounce the name of a cartoon duck

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App watch: Bump

Bump has come a long way since its birth a couple of years ago. What started as an ingenious way to share phone contacts – simply bump two phones together and the data is synced – now does the same for photos, music and apps, while a text-messaging service allows unlimited texts between fellow bumpers. Free from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Festivals: Kapow Comic Con

Fanboys of the nation unite for this London variant on the famed San Diego festival. Launched by Kick Ass scribe Mark Millar and taking place from 9-10 April, it will run the gamut of geekiness, from Marvel to Misfits

Music: Martin Creed

For a gig from the left-field, catch the mischievous Turner Prize-winning artist turned lo-fi punk musician as he plays a one-off gig at east London's Cafe Oto on Wednesday. Tickets from

Web: Nasty Cute

From a child-hating chick to an existentially confused bunny, creature discomforts abound on this droll photo blog, which gives scabrous inner voice to outwardly adorable animals