Agenda: Dolce & Gabbana; Alden Ehrenreich; Amongst Heroes; Newman Street Tavern; Kate Nash


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Fashion: Sweetheart's Desire

No sooner do we say goodbye to one perfume-selling season (Christmas) than we enter a new one (Valentine's). Be sure you're up to speed with this fresher-than-fresh launch from Dolce & Gabbana, Desire. Fronted by the exquisite Scarlett Johansson, it promises wafts of caramel and sandalwood, and comes in a characteristically Sicilian baroque bottle. Mmm. £45,

Face to watch: Alden Ehrenreich

Say hello to the new R-Patz (er, A-Ehren?), aka the heartthrob lead of the latest supernatural tween franchise, next month's Beautiful Creatures. He'll also be wooing arthouse types alongside Nicole Kidman in March's Stoker

Lexpionage: Snow motion, n.

The gait of people in gripless pairs of knackered old trainers as they make their way along snow-cum-ice-encrusted streets – something between 'deranged Charleston' and 'Gladiators travelator shuffle'

App watch: Facebook Poke

Thought that poking, like listening to Leon Jackson, was an activity destined to be consigned to the darkest recesses of 2007 history? Well, not if Mark Zuckerberg has his way with this off-shoot app allowing you to send messages, photos and videos that will self-destruct in a selected time period. Free from iTunes Store

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Tony Blackburn, Cher, Molly Ringwald, Simon Pegg

1 . Oh my sweet amygdala, why must you be like that?

2. In a less cultures moment, we adjourned to the sculpture room and counted bums.

3. Why is everyone awake ? It's dark !

4. I've put in the car blankets, a shovel. a flask of tea, a mechanical digger and just in case a motor mechanic & an AA man !!

Answers at the bottom of the page

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about…

Art: Amongst Heroes

Enjoy a magnificent venue and exhibition in one, as London's Two Temple Place hosts a show exploring lesser-known Cornish art by the likes of Stanhope A Forbes, above. Until 14 April,

Food: Newman Street Tavern

For culinary comfort against the chill, may we flag up this new Soho joint and its panoply of British grub, from Colchester rocks to Yorkshire rabbit. London W1,

Music: Kate Nash

From "the new Lily Allen" to Hole-inspired-punker, Nash has come a long way in five years and her third album, Girl Talk, out on 4 March, deserves to inspire conversation. Listen to single "3am" here:

Match the tweet: 1. Molly Ringwald; 2. Simon Pegg; 3. Cher; 4. Tony Blackburn.