Fashion: Original thinking

Forget socks and sandals: Clarks has long since given fustiness a good kicking thanks to the retro chic of its Originals line. Its spring/summer 2011 collection is especially inviting, with limited-edition versions of designs including funky variations on its desert boot (below) and Laura Ashley providing pastels, prints and whimsy. Modishly, the line will be housed from tomorrow until 20 February in its own pop-up shop in the Clarks Piccadilly branch, which will also host a roster of up-and-coming bands and DJs.

Face to watch: Elizabeth Olsen

The 21-year-old sis of super-twins Ashley and Mary-Kate is officially the Olsen it's OK to like after being crowned the breakout star of this year's Sundance Festival for her turn as a cult victim in drama Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Eliza Doolittle; Stephen Mangan; Armando Iannucci; Boy George

1 Doo you think boys nipples feel the same as girls nipples when they're licked?

2 In Baltimore, snowed in at a large empty hotel. I may re-shoot The Shining. Have ordered a go-kart

3 The misinformed do so little with the very little they know!

4 Richard Keys and Penelope Cruise [sic] must be given a show together. He's an hilariously sexist pig and I'd give her one

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App watch #4: Morfo

Turn photos of your nearest and dearest into all-singing, all-dancing 3D models with this ingenious morphing tool. Slim down their nose, plump out their chins, add make-up, and then make your glorious creations dance or speak in a silly voice; it's nothing less than voodoo for the 21st century. £1.99 for Windows Phone 7

Lexpionage: Sheenery, n.

The assemblage of peculiar scenes that make up the Hollywood landscape e.g. over-paid sitcom actors enjoying extended drink and drug binges with a selection of porn actresses

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

TV: Portlandia

We're donning our best plaid shirts in readiness for this hipster-than-thou sitcom – think America's Nathan Barley – ribbing the feckless, creative types of Portland, Oregon. Enjoy a taster at

Food: Mixed Grill

Cheer both stomach and mind next Sunday at Fire & Knives' day of lectures, rants, ether cocktails and other oddities (including hula-hooper Marawa the Amazing, above) at Conway Hall, London WC1 (

Film: Oscar memes

Self-congratulatory applause all round for these Best Picture nominee re-enactments featuring still-life Lego (, The Fighter, above) and live-action kids (