Fashion: Be young, free and jingle

Kat Maconie has already carved out a name for herself creating fashionably functional footwear that doesn't hurt your feet, and this season she's collaborating with Felder Felder. Having made the shoes for their spring/summer 2011 catwalk show – which featured their signature armour-like dresses and punky glamour – Maconie's peep-toe boots, gilded with jingly gold hoops, are now available at Urban Outfitters and Asos. Just fancy! And what's more, you'll be able to walk in them too... £295,

Face to watch: Michael Kiwanuka

With the timbre of a young Bill Withers, this 23-year-old retro-soul crooner from north London is as rawly expressive as he is studiously retro. Having recently supported Adele on tour, he's releasing new EP "Tell Me a Tale" on 13 June

Lexpionage: Volcation, n.

A period of recreation infelicitously coinciding with a volcanic ash cloud, often spent watching Dickinson's Real Deal, glugging Ernest & Julio Gallo and cursing airline information lines

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Al Murray, Little Boots, Richard Madeley, Peter Andre

1 lets just talk about pens shall we

2 Oh God, and all those blokes I slapped in the face with gloves and challenged to dawn duels tomorrow... if world doesn't end, I'm dead!

3 For some reason King Canute springs to mind today

4 Thought of this in the hallway. Why is a postman sexist ? Cos he only delivers male.. Oh yeah

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App watch #20: Appysnap

It's not quite Ian Fleming, but this new game may appeal to your inner secret agent with "missions", should you choose to accept them, that challenge you to take photos of places or items within a time limit. Earn enough points and you can also bag vouchers from the likes of Apple and Amazon. Free from iTunes

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Food: Limanation

Peruvian cuisine is set to become the flavour du jour with the November launch of Soho restaurant Ceviche, and you can get an advance taster at the team's three-day pop-up. 16 to 18 June,

TV: Pan Am

Ever imagined what Mad Men would be like if it let its beehive down? This new soap about 1960s flight crews, starring Christina Ricci, looks to be just the ticket. Catch the trailer at

Theatre: Transform

Northern theatre hub West Yorkshire Playhouse is showing off its alt side with this festival of innovative work including karaoke installations and steampunk-inspired cabaret. 6-18 June,