Agenda: Lavenham; George The Poet; Nike+ Running; Hurts; Girls; The Frugality


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Fashion: Quilty pleasures

Do winter warming well with British heritage brand Lavenham's quilted bomber jacket, as recently sported by David Beckham. The jacket deserves two ticks for bringing together two big trends, and a third for its signature contrast sleeve – plus it's part of a cool new collaboration between the brand and men's outfitters Casely Hayford. £395,

Face to watch: George The Poet

In 2012 this west-London bard supported Nas, fronted BBC adverts, and wowed YouTube audiences – and his 2013 looks no less auspicious, as he sets off with a sold-out show in the Royal Albert Hall's Elgar Room tomorrow.

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Jack Whitehall, Caggie Dunlop, Boy George, Charlotte Church

1. Wes Anderson films make me feel fucking fantastic about life. Love you Wes. Ta.x

2. Don't worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.

3. Relax! 13 is my lucky number! x

4. Basket in front of me at Morrison: 50 bars of soap and 2 cans of corn. Cos you gotta be clean to enjoy the green giant

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App watch: Nike+ Running

So you're willing yourself to put away the pork scratchings and pound the pavement but struggling to make it beyond the garden patio? Then may we suggest this excellent running app, which includes all manner of ways to track your progress and gee yourself up of a cold winter's morn. Free from iTunes and Google Play stores

On the radar

Because some things are still worth getting excited about…

Music: Hurts

The joyfully overblown Manchester duo might just be about to break big with the stadium synth-pop of single "Miracle", which bodes deliciously for March's second album, Exile.

TV: Girls

Good news all round vis-à-vis Lena Dunham's splendid comedy-drama. Series 1 comes to DVD on 4 February while Series 2 begins on Sky Atlantic tomorrow. Here's the trailer:

Internet: The Frugality

Should you find yourself in your annual financial funk, like us, you'll appreciate this lovely blog offering a guide to stylish dressing, dining and decorating on a budget.

Match the tweet: 1. Charlotte Church; 2. Caggie Dunlop; 3. Boy George; 4. Jack Whitehall.