Face to watch: Little Nikki's debut single 'Intro Intro' features Azealia-esque attitude, grime synths and even a rave siren / Fiona Garden


Face to watch: Little Nikki

No, not the terrible Adam Sandler film, but 16-year-old Brit Nikki Shortland. Her debut single "Intro Intro" (out on 5 December) features Azealia-esque attitude, grime synths and even a rave siren. Watch your back, Rihanna.

Fashion: Go to work on an Ugg

You might have had your fill of their boots but let it not be said that Ugg is a one-trick pony. Or should that be sheep? These cosy, sheepskin ear-muffs-cum-headphones are just the ticket given the current temperatures, whether you're investing for yourself or as a Christmas present for that extra-tricky special someone. Stay warm, look cool – and do it all to the soundtrack of your choosing. £75, Ugg, my-wardrobe.co.uk

Lexpionage: Slow-vember *.

An alternative name for the 11th month of the year that comes into use as it drags on and on. In part due to your upper-lip hair, which after three weeks' growth is still more 13-year-old bum fluff than Victorian curly handlebar. Cf: Movember

Match the tweet to the star

1. I fart for a long time when I walk slow thru first class on my way to economy

2. I don't know how I'll cope if Union 3 go out. Or District J

3. On this day 54 years ago I was BAR MITZVAHED here in NEW YORK

4. Donald Trump is one slip into a vat of toxic waste away from becoming an ACTUAL comic book super villain

App watch: Blink Booking

Forget Booking your holiday last minute; the savviest jet-setters do things last second. Blink Booking offers the four best unsold hotel rooms in your chosen city that night, 40 per cent cheaper than online. See, contrary to Tom Hodgkinson's experience (page 3), being disorganised can pay dividends. Free, iTunes store

Photography: Domingo Milella

The Italian snapper's first solo exhibition explores memory and landscape from Mesopotamia to Mexico City through eerie caves and deserted cities. Friday to 26 January, Brancolini Grimaldi gallery, London W1

Beauty: Jo Malone crackers

Forget novelty screwdrivers and degrading paper hats, and treat the ladies at your Christmas table to a mini selection of Jo Malone products. Lame gags not included. £28 each, jomalone.com

Web: Claire Danes crying

Who's got the best "crying face" in Hollywood? This video montage of the Homeland star's weepy scenes settles that debate once and for all. And the Oscar for best chin wobble goes to…


Match the tweet: 1. Diplo; 2. David Baddiel; 3. Henry Winkler; 4. Adam Levine