Face to watch: Kitty Cowell


Fashion: Margiela takes to the high street

After the recent success of its collaborations with Versace and Marni, H&M this week announced its next partner, the avant-garde label Maison Martin Margiela, the brilliantly bonkers name behind such treats as flat-sleeved jackets and cloven-hooved boots. The range will include both menswear and womenswear, as well as accessories, and launches in November. Get queuing now!

Face to watch: Kitty Cowell

Ed sheeran, Vanessa Saturday, Rita Ora – alumni of the British Academy of New Music all. And the one to watch from this year's crop? Step forward Kitty Cowell, who has, apparently, "got swag". Class dismissed. kittycowell.tumblr.com

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Louise Redknapp, Eric Pickles, Diana Vickers, Simon Blackwell

1 Just had lovely afternoon lunch at bettys. Munchin on some cat tongues now

2 This is like that song It's Raining Men, but with water.

3 aaarghh! I'm HUNGRY!! Must resist temptation, must resist temptation...

4 I claim my ?#bbcdp? Big Lunch Mug cough up

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch: iHandy Carpenter

It's been out for a while – but what better time than Father's Day to buy your old man this five-in-one toolbox? Includes surface level, ruler and protractor, meaning pops can spend his special day feeling good about himself by righting your wonky shelves. £1.49 from iTunes Store and Android Market

Lexpionage: Pauseword, n.

The moment of cold terror as you realise you have no idea what combination of sports team/pet name/ child's birthday you hurriedly changed your online passwords to in the wake of the LinkedIn hacking crisis

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Recreation: Monster Swim

If swimming with sharks has started feeling passé, try open-water specialist Swimtrek's upgrade: freestyling with Nessie in Scotland's finest loch as part of a mile or half-mile paddle. 18 August, monsterswim.co.uk

Film: 'Gambit'

The 1966 original (see link below) was good, but the Coen brothers-scripted remake (out October) will surely be better. How can it fail, with Diaz, Rickman, Firth and Mel Brooks regular Cloris Leachman? tinyurl.com/cugcpfx

Photography: Do Not Disturb!

Not one for the bashful, this: check out what happened when Ellen von Unwerth checked in at the Madonna Inn for a salacious shoot of dominatrices and coquettes. From Thursday, michaelhoppengallery.com

Match the tweet: 1. Diana Vickers; 2. Simon Blackwell; 3. Louise Redknapp; 4. Eric Pickles.