Fashion: For the fairest of them all

Is your underwear drawer more holey than holy? Then lucky for you that the Greco-Austrian designer Marios Schwab has teamed up with Asos to launch his debut lingerie line, Kallisti, which translates from Greek as "For the fairest".

Pieces come in statement shades of berry, mustard, midnight-blue and poppy-red and feature Schwab's trademark touches such as power mesh, spider-web embroidery and metal plating. Perfect for your inner gladiator-slash-burlesque dancer. And who doesn't have one of those?

Kallisti at launches tomorrow

Face to watch: Foxes

Louisa Rose Allen, 22, is supporting Marina and the Diamonds on tour and appearing on next year's big dance albums from Rudimental, Sub Focus and Gaga collaborator Zedd. Nice statement fringe, too.

Match the tweet to the star

Solange Knowles, P Diddy, Jack Dee, Judd Apatow

1. I excited to see Les Mis. One day I will play Javert! I need to age and grow into it.

2. If your gonna quote me..... "quote me".

3. It's Friday PEOPLE!!! LET'S ACT LIKE IT!!!

4. Get your picture in the local paper by buying an old pair of huge trousers and claiming you've lost loads of weight.

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App watch: Tingo

Do you like to impress people with your knowledge of obscure words? Then see how well you fare guessing the meaning of more than 2,000 interesting terms with this app. Here's one to get you going: "nakhur". Any clue? Why, it's a camel that won't give milk until her nostrils are tickled. Well, of course… £1.99, iTunes store

Lexpionage: Adventising n.

The non-stop barrage of Christmas adverts, whereby nothing can be sold until 2013 without a sentimental snowman, choir of celebs or just some tinsel and a bit of fake snow. Cf: John Lewis, Morrisons, Asda.

On the radar: because some things are still worth getting excited about…

Music: The Child of Lov

The enigmatic new hip-hop artist releases his first single, "Heal", complete with thrilling falsetto, funky bass-line courtesy of Damon Albarn and a very strange video of kids on the loose in Georgia. Out tomorrow

Art: Peter Blake: Rock, Paper, Scissors

There's more to Blake than Sgt Pepper's sleeve, as this retrospective of 50 years of sculpture, painting and collage proves. Until 15 December, Waddington Custot Galleries, London W1

Book: Mrs Beeton

The original domestic goddess gets a modern makeover with six themed books of her best recipes, all with a 21st-century update and a foreword from famous chefs. Household management made easy. £9.99, Orion

Match the tweet: 1. Judd Apatow; 2. Solange Knowles; 3. P Diddy; 4. Jack Dee