Fashion: A heads-up from Mr Jones

Hats off to master milliner Stephen Jones! He plays host to a pop-up helpdesk at luxury hotel and spa Coworth Park in Berkshire this Friday, offering up his finest tips and techniques on wearing and choosing a hat, ahead of Ascot Racecourse's 300th birthday this summer. Who better to advise on tilt and jaunty angle? He might even be able to solve the hot question of the season: are fascinators ever cool? Tickets cost £50, including afternoon tea and goodie bags.

Face to watch

Kyla La Grange The 26-year-old troubadour may be a Cambridge philosophy grad, but her raw, ragged ditties stir both heart and head. Catch her on the summer festival circuit, and download blood-curdling ballad "Vampire Smile" from

Lexpionage: Boyle over, v.

To overheat with misanthropy and offensiveness, often as a result of a misguided attempt at comedy. May cause one's career, such as it is, to slowly vaporise

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Joan Collins, Martin Kemp, Mark Gatiss, Rick Edwards

1 tamara drew finished thank god....dont rent that one!

2 Thrilled to confirm I will be a guest judge on next cycle of America's Next Top Model! Watch out Andre!

3 Cannot believe price of gas/petrol it's outrageous

4 note to self: there is no need to use twitter for notes to self. BUT I JUST GET SO LONELY.

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App watch #13: Spotmycar

Ever gone on a shopping trip only to scratch your head in puzzlement as you try to remember where you parked your set of wheels? With one tap, this godsend will instantly record your GPS position as you leave your vehicle – so that, come home time, it can navigate you back to exactly where you left it. £1.79 from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Shopping: Not Another Bill

Our cockles are warmed by the concept of this new gift service, which will surprise a chosen loved one with random packages – from vintage toys to trendy jewellery – for £15 a month.

Music: Record Store Day

Support your local indie retailer on Saturday by purchasing one of the myriad Record Day exclusive releases, from a Radiohead 12" to – whaddya know? – Beady Eye covering Blur

Film: Attack The Block

More Shaun of the Dead than Lesbian Vampire Killers, as word has it, this Brit horror-comedy about a council estate under alien attack should strike big when it's released in May. Catch the trailer and clips at