Agenda: Warehouse; Aiden Grimshaw; Revenge; Gray and Turner; Shrimpy's


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Fashion: Pencil in the celebrations

Kill two trends with one skirt in this lemon-yellow broderie number (pictured above) from Warehouse. You'll score points for your on-trend pastels and your ultra-feminine laciness, while also fitting in a treat for Jubilee weekend – this citrus hue is one of Her Majesty's favourites, while the pencil shape is suitably 1950s too. It won't clash with your Union Jack hat either. £60,

Face to watch: Aiden Grimshaw

You may remember Grimshaw as the scary facial contortionist from 2010's X Factor, but bear with us: out next Sunday, single "Is This Love" is a gorgeous, fluttering piece of trip-pop that bodes well for August's debut album

Lexpionage: Poke & mirrors, phr.

The insubstantiality of buying shares in a high-performing dotcom brand, then seeing the share price immediately slide 12 per cent the next day. See also: bubble, burst. Cf,

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Joan Bakewell, Jeremy Clarkson, Nick Frost, Michael Caine

1 Just read another story about me being locked in attick, completely false.

2 It's just as maddening when Ocado come early as when they come late. Why is that?

3 Misery loves Kompany.

4 I've just finished work. And have nothing to do. I may watch the television.

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch: Tom Daley Dive

Go for gold with the Olympic wunderkind's new simulation app, which challenges you to copy a range of his dives via the method of touchscreen finger-tapping and, should you prove skilled enough, take the leap at championships in Olympic venues such as London, Barcelona and Beijing. Free from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

TV: Revenge

One per centers getting their just deserts? Botoxed bitchery and fab soft furnishings? Madeleine Stowe?! Trust us when we say this Hamptons-set melodrama is the guilty pleasure of the season. Begins tomorrow, 9pm, E4

Interiors: Gray and Turner

This leather-topped Brogue side-table is among the impressive first offerings from this new collaboration between designer Bethan Gray and furniture developer Thomas Turner.

Food: Shrimpy's

The team behind east London's trendy Bistrotheque has gone west with this Americana hotspot, taking over an old petrol station in King's Cross and serving Californian-Mexican cuisine.

Match the tweet: 1. Michael Caine; 2. Joan Bakewell; 3. Nick Frost; 4. Jeremy Clarkson