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The beauty gadget is the first tool with rounded silicone touch-points to clean your pores – and it’s the most hygienic one in the market too

A silicone device to wash your face? Not as strange as it sounds... Foreo is the first silicone facial cleanser with a sonic pulse technology that has joined the beauty market with a new concept of cleansing and anti-aging in one - using an ultra-hygienic tool.

We’ve tried the Foreo Luna All Skin Types model, which is the Swedish brand’s latest addition to its range of cleansing gadgets. It suits everyone and it’s unisex, so if the pink is putting you off, it’s also available in blue and black.

Its two highlights, when compared to the many other cleansing tools in the market, are its gentleness and the hygiene factor. Its pulsations feel gentle when applying on the face and, different to other sonic brushes, its rounded silicone touch-points are easy to clean.

Foreo’s new technology cleans the pores and optimises the benefits of the anti-aging and hydrating creams.

We’ve used it as a cleanser by practising a two-minute daily routine and have experienced the benefits of clearer, more radiant skin. However, for the anti-aging benefits you can use with your preferred serum, mask or cream, lower the pulsations, and massage your face for 15 minutes letting the product really sink in.

Inside the box it comes in, you’ll find a very handy step-by-step manual with graphics indicating how to use it, specifying how to adjust the pulsation intensities and reach four different areas of the face, from the cheeks to under-the-eyes and the area around the nostrils, just by changing the angle of the tool.

According to its website this beauty gimmick “removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores of impurities and cleanses deeply”.  We certainly experienced changes in the skin which were visible from the very first use - with our skin feeling softer and fresh. However, after using it for at least four weeks you’ll be able to notice the best results.

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Foreo Luna comes in a lightweight, egg-shape, and the battery life is brilliant – we’ve been using it for more than four weeks on a single charge, and it’s still rolling. Also, instead of a big charger that takes lots of space, its rechargeable with one cable, just like charging up your smartphone.

The price tag of £149 might feel a bit expensive, but we think it’s a long-term investment. It has a double function, you don’t have to worry about replacing the brush, plus the battery life lasts. So far, so good, and our skin feels great.

The new Luna All Skin Types is available exclusively on for £149.