Miss Universe 2015: A beefeater, a yellow tree and an entire hockey game - the bizarre national costumes

Contestant wore some bizarre costumes to impress the judges

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The National Costume round of this this year’s Miss Universe pageant treated viewers and judges with some ‘amusing’ outfits.

The idea behind this particular round of the annual pageant is to sport an outfit inspired by the contestant’s culture.

The 88 entrants from across the world in the 63rd version of the annual beauty competition went to extreme lengths to impress the judges wearing some incredible –and pretty bizarre- frocks representing key elements of their nation’s culture. Some origins were obvious, but others were slightly more dubious.

Miss Great Britain dressed with a Queen's Guard uniform

Miss Great Britain went as a ‘sexy’ Queen’s Guard in a skimpy outfit, while Miss Venezuela went dressed as her country’s national tree, Tabebuia chrysantha. But it was Miss Canada who made the headlines sporting an entire hockey game. Yes, that’s right. Her outfit was adorned with 10 ice hockey sticks, a full-working electronic scoreboard and a Stanley Cup on her head.

Some of the highlights included Ireland’s Game of Thrones inspired by Celtic warriors, Dominican Republic’s Virgen the Altagracia (the country’s patron saint), Japan’s Sojutsu fighter and Spain’s sexy medieval royalty.

These are some of the most mind-boggling outfits of the night: