Helena Christensen in the latest Boden catalogue


It's a real mark of supermodel prowess when you can look "too sultry and sexy" in a yellow cardigan and a floral dress. Still, that's what Helena Christensen stands accused of in the latest Boden catalogue, which the brand's legions of country bumpkins and yummy mummies have come out in force to protest against.

"We're not all slim and good-looking," one customer wrote on the company's website. "Rather, interesting and designed for the job in hand: motherhood."

Well, Christensen is a mother too, and Team Indy Fashion thinks she looks very good on it. Despite the cardigan and floral dress.

As well as being one of the planet's most famous models, she is also a professional photographer, has designed several clothing ranges and worked on a magazine. Which is about five more jobs than your average Boden customer has ever had.

Is this not, after all, the very heart's blood of Boden, purveyors of slightly over-priced and aspirational garments to those who feel a bit Lady Muck about their own existence? I'd like to pat Johnny Boden on the back and wish him well.

Helena too: they've successfully trolled one of the most self-important demographics in shoppingland.