Cherie Blair's formal fusion / Rex


The salwar kameez

Rebecca Gonsalves: Wearing traditional Asian dress for black-tie events is her 'thing', which is odd – but knowing how comfortable a salwar kameez can be, I can't say I blame her.

Mike Higgins: I rather like this, a nifty variation on formal wear but not gimmicky either. That shade of pink suits Ms Blair's colouring, too.

The hair

Rebecca: That polished chestnut bob must take some blow-drying; the 1997 morning-after-the-night-before bird's nest must still haunt her.

Mike: I know little of hair. I know little of football. So why is an image of Gary Mabbutt circa 1981 coming to me? In an approving manner, I should add.

The shoes

Rebecca: Shiny leather ballet flats are far too stiff for the loose proportions of this outfit – a jewelled sandal or colourful slipper would work much better.

Mike: There is a touch of the climbed-into-whatever-was-lying-by-the-front-door about these. But if that works for me, hey, it'll do for Ms Blair.

The bag

Rebecca: Full marks for carrying the look through to the accessories. And a big bag means you can smuggle in a snack without it getting squished.

Mike: Turning that spare fabric into a bag makes for a nifty stealth accessory.