Essentials: Kate Reardon, writer

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As someone who works from home, my top style tip is to make sure you get dressed in the morning. I spend a lot of my life in pyjamas, but if I'm feeling slinky I'll wear a silk pair from Shanghai Tang (

My favourite thing in my wardrobe is my jewellery. I love ancient pieces, which I get from Faustus ( I have a beautiful Hellenistic gold and garnet ring – it's more than 2,200 years old but it looks very modern.

I'm crazy about Christian Louboutin ( shoes – a fail-safe for special occasions. I also love the attention to detail on Anya Hindmarch's clothes (

When it comes to skincare, Sudocrem ( is ridiculously cheap and heals spots and sunburn overnight. And I'd also recommend an anti-ageing facial from Bharti Vyas' (

Kate Reardon's 'Top Tips for Girls' (Headline, £9.99) is out now