When fashion and technology are mentioned in the same breath, it's usually in the context of a new breathable fabric made from recycled rubbish, or another equally unsexy proposition hardly likely to have style lovers reaching for their credit cards. But as we head into the new season, fashion is getting techie in a different manner, with designers looking to some unexpected sources for their inspiration.

For London's favourite designer, Giles Deacon, that's meant going back to the future with a sci-fi-influenced spring collection that is heavy on references to the 1980s computer game Pac-Man. It may not sound like a formula for high-end style, but the spherical helmets echoing the shape of Pac-Man himself (pictured), and the host of fellow characters picked out in crystal on cocktail dresses, make for playful touches on sophisticated clothes.

Opting for a seriously scientific subject matter, meanwhile, is the up-and-coming designer Louise Goldin, whose knitwear is inspired by satellite images of earth.

The interest in all things technological is nothing new to East London menswear designer Carri Mundane, aka Cassette Playa, who has been bringing ultra-bright colour and pattern inspired by the early web world to casual clothing for several years, and once sent Sonic the Hedgehog down the catwalk. This season she has pared down her signature nu-rave style a little for a collaboration with Nike, updating the classic Blazer trainer with simple graphic shapes.

So, will we all be dressing like Second Life avatars come spring? Unlikely: as contrary as ever, another big coming trend will be 1920s styles – a little before Pac-Man's time.